Dale is the RV Technician/Mechanic for Stress Free Mobile RV. Dale began working on RV’s with his dad and uncle when he was just 13 years old. At 16, he was hired by an RV shop in Cleburne and has worked RV’s for 29 years minus the time he was in the Army. Dale has also been a Service Manager, Service Writer, Estimator, PDI Tech, RV Salesman, built custom horse trailers, conversions, and has had the privilege of working on rigs owned by actors and musicians. Dale spends his free time fishing, boating, going to concerts, spending time with family, and helping friends with odd jobs here and there.


Sabrina is the owner and office manager/administrator for Stress Free Mobile RV. Dale and Sabrina have been married for 16 years, have three boys, and are full time RV’ers. Prior to starting her businesses, Sabrina worked at Boeing along side the FAA to ensure compliance of aircraft. During her free time she loves traveling, fishing, boating, going to concerts, theme parks, and anything that involves being outdoors and in the sun.




Skylar is Sabrina’s oldest son and has been an electrician since he graduated high school in 2016.

Austin is Sabrina’s middle son and has also been an electrician since graduating high school in 2018.

Jaxon is Dale and Sabrina’s youngest son and currently focuses solely on his education as he plans on being a pilot one day. He is also the “kid” of Hooch.


Hooch is our five year old fur missile and the protector of pig ears! He is always on the go with us no matter where we are going or doing. He loves his plastic squeaky cheeseburger toy and would chase it 24 hours a day if you let him. Hooch will join us on service calls from time to time if he’s not with his “kid”.


Porter has been a part of our family now for almost 10 years, and has been all over the country traveling and enjoying many adventures with us! He’s loves his pig ears, still chases a ball like a puppy, and his favorite thing to do is go fishing with us. 


Sadie has been a vocal part of our family for 14 years and is holding the record amongst the other dogs for the most barks to date. She loves to tell you about all the news of the day at all once and demands to be fed on time daily (three minutes after feeding time is unacceptable and punishment will be cleaning up the trash can she knocks over). We received the news that Sadie is unfortunately in her last months, so now we spend each day spoiling her more than she’s ever been until it’s time to let her go. 

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